What is “Pronounce Hsu”?

Try it. H-S-U. Put it together and make word-sounds. Yea, I’ll wait.

Like most English speaking human out there, you’ll likey have gone through various iterations of shoe/she/HAA-shu/etc.

The answer? Whatever works for you, my dude.

So why?

It’s me. As a first generation immigrant asian-american, it’s been a defining aspect of my life. Like how “Hsu” attempts and fails to sound out a Chinese character in English, I’ll forever be attempting/failing to merge my Taiwanese upbringing with my American values.

So yea, welcome. This site will be all things me: my passions, frustrations, and various thoughts/rambings.



A designer who designed far past his best-by date and is doing his best to reignite his love of life via other creative mediums.

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