Pronounce Hsu?

A phonetic translation nightmare.

That’s honestly what it is. It’s the English language doing its best at sounding like Mandarin Chinese, a tonal language that uses a completely different group of muscles. To make things even more messy, they’re translating Taiwanese-Mandarin Chinese so it’s gotta be different. Mainland Chinese? Xu Taiwanese Chinese? Hsu.

Why? Ask Uncle Sam. I have no fucking clue.

What IS this?

This brand (ugh, ew) is me as professional photographer and as a lifelong student [of photography] for the remainder of my time on this god-forsaken place.

Photography is the primary purpose but everything else will be around content creation for stuff that I find interesting. Food, culture, cosplay, cycling, travel, etc. will all be in the line of fire of my ignorance and willingness to make an fool out of myself in the name of knowledge and/or good fun.

There’s gonna be a youtube channel.

There’s already a garbage Threads account.

There will also be a whole page dedicated to recipes because eating is awesome and cooking great eats is even more awesome-er.

Welcome to whatever the fuck this is.

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