Dummy Thicc Drum Meal

A simple, tasty meal that can be made and enjoyed within a lunch hour (with some practice). It involves some minor chopping, a hot oven, a microwave and a timer. Oh, and this involves rice prepped from this recipe so please take a look at this beforehand. Note: this ISN’T required but rice soaked in […]

The Lazy Fillet

Bacon ipsum dolor amet capicola sirloin meatloaf pork chop cow tenderloin. Fatback doner pig, ground round ham shank chislic porchetta turducken. Alcatra hamburger sausage bresaola pork pastrami strip steak. Sausage bresaola chislic, spare ribs venison swine fatback flank cupim pork beef ribs strip steak ham burgdoggen brisket. Ham sirloin doner alcatra turkey tongue ball tip. […]